Cavendish Contracting Ltd. has built a reputation as one of Vancouver’s top custom homebuilders.  As one of the most experienced and acclaimed contractors in the Vancouver area, we are masters at developing creative designs, building with outstanding craftsmanship and materials, and systematically managing your building or remodelling project.

Our exquisite and versatile portfolio includes an array of styles from contemporary, classic, traditional, rustic and more. We pride ourselves on building custom homes to suit the distinct needs, tastes and budgets of our clients. Our custom homes are a reflection of our uncompromising standards and commitment to top-tier craftsmanship. Regardless of size and budget, we ensure that quality is never sacrificed. Cavendish Contracting Ltd. has built its reputation on cultivating long-lasting relationships with clients so exceeding your expectations is paramount.

We understand the challenges and life-changing significance of building a custom home, which is why we value communication and have made it one of the core principles. We are delighted to work with our clients to understand their vision, while educating them on the fundamentals of custom homebuilding and walking them through the details of the homebuilding process. Respecting our clients’ needs and desires are first and foremost.